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Do you have questions about collections, sorting or mass flows relating to the dual system Interzero Recycling Alliance?

As the dual system Interzero Recycling Alliance (DSI), we are active nationwide in the collection, sorting and recycling of used sales packaging as stipulated by the Act to Improve the Separate Collection of Recyclable Household Waste (German Packaging Act, VerpackG), subcontracting these activities where necessary to waste management companies, sorting plants, logistics firms and recycling plants throughout Germany. These contracts are awarded by formal calls for tender and are financed by the participation fees paid by those producers who are the first to place packaging filled with goods on the market.

The used packaging is collected either directly from private households or locally to these consumers (e.g. from a recycling centre), or from a combination of these two variants. The packaging to be collected is separated into lightweight packaging (LWP, e.g. yellow bag/bin), glass (e.g. bottle bank) and PPC (e.g. paper container).

Sorting plants then further sort the lightweight packaging collections into recyclable materials (e.g. plastics such as PE). Separation may be manual or completed by a mechanical process that utilises various optical and electronic detection systems. Compressed-air jets and magnetic separators are used to route the individual waste fractions along sorting belts into sorting hoppers. This targeted approach to separation ensures a wide variety of recyclable fractions can be used as input for recycling processes. This creates secondary raw materials that can then be used to manufacture new products.

Calls for tender

Calls for tender are published annually for the collection, sorting and recycling of LWP and glass. Information about these calls can be found here:

Overview of available calls for tender for dual system Interzero Recycling Alliance, 2024–2026

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Calls for tender platform for the collection of LWP and glass packaging

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Calls for tender for sorting, logistics and recycling

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Quotas for billing

Do you need an overview of the Interzero Recycling Alliance quotas (planned volumes and cost components) to bill us for your collection service? You can download an overview of the dual system Interzero Recycling Alliance here:

Interseroh dual system - 2021 quotas (protected)

Interseroh dual system - 2022 quotas (protected)

To request the password, please email us at

Volume reporting

Our waste management partners report the volumes relevant for the dual system Interzero Recycling Alliance on the wme.fact portal. Then simply upload the generated files digitally to our supplier portal. All relevant information and documents on reporting, such as booking rules and quotas, are available in our portal.

Supplier portal

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Michael Bürstner

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