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We want Moor!

Reach moor together: License packaging and restore peatlands now!

Many people immediately think of trees, but the most effective CO2 reservoirs are the moors with their wet moss surfaces. As in many areas, the same applies to climate protection: no moss, no action. More and more mire areas are being drained and thus less CO2 is stored. 

The best concept: with the Interzero Recycling Alliance, we directly renaturalise a piece of moss for every packaging licence. And thus ensure that a lot of moss goes a long way in protecting the climate!


Moor is not possible

Peatlands are the largest and most effective carbon stores on earth and play an important role in the fight against climate change. Peatlands store twice as much carbon in their peat as is contained in the world's forests.

Which speaks for 'more' intact peatlands:

  • Biodiversity: Peatlands are an important habitat for many plant and animal species, including endangered species.
  • Water storage: Peatlands act as natural water reservoirs and can help prevent flooding.
  • Flood protection: Peatlands retain water and thus delay runoff, which significantly reduces problematic flooding.
  • Landscape: Peatlands are a landscape feature and contribute to the preservation of a region's cultural identity.

Peatlands are important ecosystems that offer many ecological and economic benefits. It is important to protect and restore them to maintain their valuable benefits.

License packaging and renaturate moors with us

The specific project: The Venner Moor near Osnabrück, Germany

Together with 'Mission to Marsh' we are renaturalising the Venner Moor. In the process, a lot of habitat is being preserved, protected and reclaimed - also to save all the endangered animal species. 

Join in! License your packaging and together we will restore the Venner Moor!

For every tonne of licensed sales packaging we renaturalise a piece of moor.

For every tonne of licensed packaging we renaturalise a piece of Venner Moor!

Sie sind bereits Kunde bei uns? Selbstverständlich renaturieren wir auch für die bereits lizenzierte Menge Verkaufsverpackungen ein entsprechendes Stück Moor.

Discover moors:

Do you know the sky goat? No? Then it's about time!

Whether the sky goat, the high moor ground beetle or many more - an impressive variety of species awaits you in the moors! But without moss, there's not much going on here either. But that doesn't have to be the case: With the Interzero Recycling Alliance you give this fauna back its habitat, expand it and make it even more diverse!

Because we directly renaturalise a piece of moor for every tonne of licensed packaging!


Dual system with added value

Interzero Recycling Alliance: The entry ticket for the entire raw materials loop